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The data of men in Ukraine has already been digitized: Gavrilyuk warned what this means

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Information about the data of men of military age, which were digitized, was distributed by the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Ivan Gavrilyuk, during a speech at a meeting of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities.

This information was reported on the Congress website, URA-Inform reports.

It is noted that the digitization process was completed in all 24 regions of the country, as well as in the capital, Kyiv. This step was taken in order to ensure maximum transparency within the framework of mobilization preparation.

In this context, the Ministry of Defense relaunched the electronic system «Oberіg», which provides digital processing of data at all stages of the mobilization campaign for everyone individual subject.

This system is integrated with various government agencies, including the State Tax Service, the Ministry of Justice, the State Border Service, the Ministry of Education, the State Migration Service and the Judicial Administration.

It is equally important to note that 23 million requests for updating data on citizens. It follows from this that most regions have successfully established the process of entering data on the status of passing medical commissions of the Military Medical Commission.

However, in order to ensure even greater efficiency and transparency, it is planned to increase the capacity of the teams working in the Territorial Centers for Integrated Support and Structural Units, as well as digitize the entire process of the mobilization campaign for each citizen.

The main goal of this approach is to ensure transparency and efficiency of each stage of the mobilization process, as well as providing the opportunity for each citizen to realize his duty to the Motherland .

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