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Occupiers at the front are being decimated en masse by the disease: what epidemic began in the Russian army

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Some of the sick were isolated by decision of the Russian leadership, but information about the scale of the problem is hidden.

This information was reported by Dialog, URA-Inform reports.  

The mobilized Russian military, who were sent to the front, suddenly began to be decimated by a tuberculosis epidemic.

In particular, the wife of one of the mobilized shared information about those who fell ill in her husband’s regiment, but asked to be left without mention the unit and regiment number, fearing possible reprisals.

«The husband said that they were isolated from the others, placed somewhere, but will they check the others?— they got infected, no, — He does not know. Didn't get in touch anymore», — says the woman.

In various mobilized groups and chats, messages about cases of tuberculosis on the front line also appeared.

&# 171;In our 331st regiment, a tuberculosis epidemic began, but they don’t tell anyone about it and they’re forbidden to tell their relatives. Since we are now one of the few units that are drawing on Artemov’s direction, we are not being removed from «from scratch»», — writes the occupier.

He said that those sick with tuberculosis were isolated, but there is no information about their state of health.

«They don’t tell us what form they have, so that there is no panic, but it is annoying», — wrote the occupier.

We recall that it was previously reported that Syrsky made personnel changes: “I am forced to make such decisions.”

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