• 19/06/2024 07:31

Poles began to block passenger buses from Ukraine: media showed footage

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This information was reported by the telegram news service of Ukraine, URA-Inform reports.

“The Poles decided to block passenger buses. They write about such lawlessness on social networks,” — the source who posted the relevant footage briefly noted.

Unfortunately, the exact reason why representatives of the Polish people decided to put forward their note of protest against the Ukrainians is unknown. This may be due to the few reports that Ukrainians are allegedly taking jobs away from Poles. In addition, it is possible that those gathered are right-wing radicals who have xenophobic views.

Nevertheless, the exact There is no information at the moment. What is known is that individuals are trying to negotiate with the protesters.

In addition, there are recent cases of Poles also blocking railway routes from Ukraine, in order, obviously, to prevent Ukrainians from entering Polish territory.

Remember, revenge for Avdeevka: partisans carried out sabotage on the Russian railway.

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