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When humanity will die: scientists have named specific dates

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This information was reported by the Involta resource, reports URA-Inform.

What will happen?

Their study predicts the formation of a new supercontinent within the next 250 million years due to ongoing global warming. This future giant continent, called Pangea Ultima, will unite all five existing continents, turning them into a single land space. However, the tropical regions of Pangea Ultima will become extremely hostile for most life forms. In particular, for people and animals.

What will the conditions on the planet be like?

Average temperatures are forecast to exceed +40-50 °C, with daytime peaks of up to +70 °C. This is caused by high humidity and the greenhouse effect caused by increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These factors will turn much of the land into a lifeless wasteland.

What will ultimately happen?

Scientists warn of the risk of extinction for many mammal species, including humans , due to their limited ability to adapt to extreme temperature changes, especially prolonged periods of extreme heat. This can lead to food shortages, dehydration and overheating, which will ultimately lead to their extinction.

According to the study, only 8-16% of the surface of Pangea Ultima will be suitable for mammals, and even in In these areas, they will have to adapt to higher temperatures and higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The hardier and more adaptable species, such as desert mammals and some species of predators, are likely to survive and can better withstand these harsh conditions.

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