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Pre-market Notcoin on ByBit – how to trade Notcoin on the exchange

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The ByBit exchange launched Pre-Market Notcoin, which is a unique game completely community-driven using « click to earn.

This information was reported by the official resource ByBit, reports URA-Inform.

General information about Notcoin

This project not only offers a gaming experience, but also aims to create the largest Web3 gaming community available today. As Telegram's memecoin, Notcoin opens the door to the potential of gaming and social cryptomarketing on the platform. $NOT represents Notcoin's native token, which becomes the foundation of this ecosystem.

Notcoin Pre-Market

When trading Notcoin on an exchange, there are several important points to consider:

  • for buyers: your funds are blocked until the seller completes the transaction when listing on the ByBit exchange. If the transaction is unsuccessful, you will receive your funds back with a refund.
  • For sellers: You will be required to provide a deposit equal to the sale price as security. When listing, you need to complete the order and send notcoins, otherwise you risk losing your deposit.

Delivery of tokens will become available after the completion of the mint stage. The pre-market trading schedule for Notcoin has also been determined:

  • Start Time: Pre-market trading for Notcoin will begin on March 25, 2024 at 10:00 UTC.
  • Delivery Schedule: Delivery schedule details will be posted soon.

Additional information on the Notcoin market

It is important to monitor the ByBit chart updates, as compliance with it is critical for smooth trading. Failure to meet the delivery schedule may result in loss of deposit.

Additionally, the inclusion of $NOT tokens on our ByBit pre-market platform represents significant progress, providing users with the opportunity to receive Notcoin before it is listed for spot trading.

This exclusive access allows users to receive Notcoin tokens before anyone else and set buy/sell prices in advance, an important step in our trading offerings. It is important to remember that the official listing price may differ due to various factors.

Let us remind you how to sell and buy Notcoin.

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