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Protests continue on the border of Poland and Ukraine: the media found out what else the Poles have done

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It became known that representatives of one of the groups of the Polish population decided to continue protests either against the flow of Ukrainian refugees, or even against certain nuances associated with the Ukrainian state.

This information was reported by the Ukrainian news telegram service, reports URA-Inform.

It is noted that Polish farmers are punching the tires of Ukrainian drivers at the border so that they cannot continue driving. In addition, at the checkpoint “Rava-Russkaya – Grebennoye” they drive pickup trucks, scattering nails along the entire checkpoint.

It is known that the head of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, along with other diplomats, have already made decisions to reduce the wave similar incidents. However, unfortunately, the protesters continue their actions.

Ukrainian society, in turn, treats such initiatives with bewilderment. According to people, from Poland this is almost a “stab in the back” while the active phase of the war against the aggressor in the person of the Russian Federation is going on.

Let us recall how many times the Russian Federation has fired at Ukraine since the beginning of the war: in the Ministry of Internal Affairs published statistics.

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