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Why Trump can end the war in 1 day: Yakovina explained what he and Putin were up to

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Ivan Yakovina, a famous journalist, examined possible strategies that Donald Trump and Vladimir may try to implement Putin.

Yakovina reported this information on his YouTube, reports URA-Inform.

In his latest analytical video, Yakovina presented the idea that a plan of action is possible aimed at achieving some success in Ukraine before the fall of this year. This could include weakening the Ukrainian military or creating a situation in which its strength is negated.

This could be followed by a blow to the Baltic states after the US election, while the new president is still in power, according to his analysis. not appointed.

The journalist explained that Putin, seeking control over part of the territories of Ukraine, may need some kind of leverage in the West, which he can use in trade. According to his assumption, the Baltic countries could become this lever.

Yakovina presented a possible scenario for the world that could come out of such a deal: Ukraine would be under Putin’s control, the Baltic countries would be freed from occupation, Trump would show his ability to make peace, but in this case only Ukraine would suffer.

Recall that in the United States they determined the worst president in the history of the country: rating.

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