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Putin has a new plan for Transnistria: it became known what the dictator wants to do with the PMR

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It is assumed that «deputies» unrecognized «Transnistrian Moldavian Republic» will gather at the congress on February 28, where they plan to adopt an appeal to “join the Russian Federation,” and the next day Russian President Vladimir Putin may announce the annexation of this region.

This information was reported by the Romanian TV channel Digi24, reports URA-Inform.

According to the information of the above-mentioned department, there are words from the Transnistrian oppositionist Gennady Chorba. In his opinion, the choice of the date of February 28 is not accidental, since Putin is scheduled to address the Russian parliament the next day, during which he can announce the annexation of Transnistria.

The oppositionist noted that the recent «protest» against «economic pressure» on the part of Moldova, the goal was to show that «the people of Transnistria are against Chisinau».

The oppositionist calls for preventing the implementation of this scenario and not allowing Putin to carry out a coup in Moldova. He also drew attention to the statement of the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Sergei Lavrov, who stated that «Moscow will not leave its citizens in Transnistria».

«European Truth» emphasizes that the last time such a «Congress of Deputies» in «Transnistria» took place 17 years ago, and its result was the decision to «support the region’s entry into the Russian Federation».

 « The purpose of this congress — confirm that Tiraspol still seeks to join the Russian Federation», — said the Transnistrian separatist, member of the so-called «parliament of Transnistria» Vadim Kravchuk.

Let us remind you that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are again preparing for the threat of a border breakthrough: what they want to stage in the Sumy region on February 26.

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