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General mobilization: Vygovsky named the conditions under which the police will go to war

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This information was reported by Telegraf, URA-Inform reports.  

The head of the National Police, Ivan Vygovsky, spoke about the situation in which all Ukrainians will have to fight.

«We understand that if the situation at the front becomes complicated, everyone will have to fight, because this is the constitutional duty of every citizen, and not just police officers, rescuers or representatives of other law enforcement agencies. And we are ready to carry out any tasks related to the defense of the country», — he emphasized.

At the same time, Vygovsky noted that the Police have many tasks assigned to it to ensure security and law and order within the country, combat crime, and prevent criminal offenses.

«There are more weapons in the state, a large amount of work for the police in the deoccupied territories, constant shelling and war crimes of the invaders – we have enough work, in an enhanced version of service from the first day full-scale war, 24/7 everything is in service. The crime situation is tense, but today we are able to control it and provide maximum security to all citizens and provide police services. However, if the question arises of the maximum number of police officers going to fight, we will go and fight», — he added.

Recall that it was previously reported that the man twice avoided mobilization directly to the TCC: the media found out how he managed to do this.

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