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Why the dollar is growing in Ukraine: an expert told what’s happening

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For 5 days in a row there has been a steady increase in the dollar exchange rate in Ukraine, and therefore the financial editor of RBC-Ukraine, Ruslan Kislyak, analyzed this situation and spoke about possible reasons and prospects.

This information is presented by the above-mentioned publication, reports “URA- Inform.”

It is noted that since the beginning of the week, since February 19, the hryvnia exchange rate has continued to fall. Starting at 37.97 per dollar, the rate fell to 38.48 by the end of the week, breaking the peak of 38.62 on Thursday, February 22.

Similar dynamics are observed with the euro exchange rate: from 40.89 hryvnia per euro at the beginning of the week, by Friday, February 23, the rate increased to 41.73.

The current growth of the dollar exchange rate is partly due to the delay in financial support from The USA for Ukraine, which causes certain alarming sentiments and risks for the budget. In addition, events on the Polish-Ukrainian border also bring their share of negativity.

Although it is too early to talk about a persistent trend of depreciation of the hryvnia, under the current circumstances the growth of the exchange rate is quite consistent with the situation, says Yuriy Krokhmal, head of the treasury sales service products of Avangard Bank.

On the one hand, there are still chances of receiving financial support from the United States, and preparations for the agricultural campaign are also about to begin, which could have a positive impact on the foreign exchange market.

With on the other hand, we can expect further significant fluctuations in the exchange rate under the influence of various events at the front and in international politics.

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