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Queues at the TCC will suddenly disappear: it became known about an important announcement by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

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Under the new mobilization law, which will come into force on May 18, military personnel will have an alternative way to update their data without visits to the territorial acquisition center (TCC).

URA-Inform reports this, citing the relevant law.

As Deputy Minister of Defense Ekaterina Chernogorenko said, online will be launched to update data an electronic account of a person liable for military service, which will become available the same day.

Currently, a mobile application is being developed, which will be available through the App Store and Google Play Market. Users will be able to download the application, log in and fill out the necessary fields to update the data.

The update process includes registering a phone number, email and residential address. All this can be done through an electronic account, even while abroad. If it is necessary to clarify other data, the TCC will contact the person liable for military service by phone.

The Ministry of Defense calls this method of updating data very convenient and predicts that the majority of those liable for military service will use it. In addition, it is planned to introduce an electronic queue in the TCC, which is a response to the challenges associated with the increase in the number of visitors after the need to update data.

Recall that the TCC explained the sudden stops of trucks: it is known whether to expect an aggravation of mobilization.

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