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Stephen King gave fans a film adaptation that surpassed his own book

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King of Horror Stephen King openly admits to the director's skill in adapting his work. Brian De Palma's 1976 film Carrie, according to King, stands much higher than his own book.

This is reported by Starte Facts, URA-Inform reports.

“I I heard about plans to remake Carrie. But why? The original was so good that it didn’t require any unnecessary changes. It's not Casablanca or anything like that. We are talking about a real masterpiece in the horror genre, which, in my opinion, is even better than the book,” — the famous writer shared his opinion.

He also added that the film is much more dynamic than the novel itself.

It is worth noting that the film “Carrie” tells about the life of an ordinary girl in a small town, who becomes the object of ridicule from her peers. She stands out for her strange behavior and unusual lifestyle, trying to avoid the public. Her mother, a deeply religious woman, also puts additional pressure on her. Soon the girl discovers her telekinetic abilities and decides to use them to take revenge on everyone who has ever offended her.

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