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Residents of Poland suddenly turned to Putin about the Ukrainians: what people called for (photo)

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It became known that on one of the banners stretching under the sky of Poland, words were written calling for action by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

This information was reported by the telegram channel “Operational Armed Forces of Ukraine”, reports “URA-Inform” “.

As it turned out, Polish farmers wrote a rather laconic, but very radical appeal not only to the Ukrainians, but even, obviously, to representatives of Brussels:

«Putin sort out Ukraine, and Brussels, and our government»

Perhaps this appeal, expressed by the so-called «peace-loving» Polish farmers, reflects their anxiety about the current political situation and the impossibility of ensuring peaceful coexistence in a state where Ukrainians are moving en masse.

This message arose against the backdrop of discontent and protests of the Polish population regarding the arrival of a large number of Ukrainian migrants to the territory country.

As Ukraine continues to steadfastly resist aggression from the Russian Federation, which began in February 2022 and led to the outbreak of military operations on its territory, this call becomes especially relevant and urgent.

The source's concluding comments raise questions about the motives that prompted Polish farmers to bring this slogan to public debate. It is possible that the Kremlin itself is involved in all of the above.

Let us recall which city in the Donetsk region they are going to capture after Avdievka: Russia has warned.

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