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Will Anatoly Anatolich go to war: the showman gave a detailed answer

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The showman known as Anatoly Anatolich, who for some reasons cannot be included in the military register, expressed his attitude towards the issue of possible participation in hostilities in case of receipt of a document confirming fitness for military service.

This information was reported by the TOUR Zirkami resource, reports URA-Inform.

He admitted that at the moment he has no desire to voluntarily go to the front with arms in hand to defend his homeland from the invaders. The showman noted that this is a difficult issue for him, especially given the presence of three minor children.

He understands that his marital status may cause a variety of reactions and accusations that he could easily be considered ineligible for conscription. .

However, despite the fact that he himself cannot be called up for service, Anatoly emphasized that he actively supports the military, maintaining constant contact with them and participating in joint media projects.

He believes that even in his situation, it is important to stay informed about events and support the military in their difficult work.

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