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What happens to the soul after death: scientists have put forward a new theory

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For many years, the question of whether a person has a soul and its fate after biological death has remained the subject of fierce debate .

This information was reported by T4, URA-Inform reports.

A scientist from Arizona named Stuart Hameroff decided to shed his light on these mysterious questions. In collaboration with mathematician Roger Penrose, Hameroff proposed that quantum energy contained in the microtubules of the brain generates «protoconscious» structure of reality.

This theory, known as «organized objective reduction», states that after death a person's brain generates its own form of reality.

One's beliefs in existence life after death was also expressed by scientist Sam Parnia, based on studies of cases of clinical death. People who experienced this experience claim to have felt peace and joy.

 The scientist's words spark interest in the eternal question of the fate of the soul, emphasizing the need for new research in the field of science and spirituality. Together, these scientists are opening the door to a deeper understanding of the secret nature of human consciousness and its connection with the vast world after death.

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