• 25/06/2024 12:19

Russia has changed noticeably: ISW revealed the important consequences of the inauguration

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On May 7, the inauguration ceremony of Vladimir Putin took place in Moscow, who assumed his rights as president for the fifth time. In his speech, he hinted at the strengthening of the authoritarian regime and emphasized the need for victory over Ukraine.

Analysts from the Institute for the Study of War analyzed his speech, URA-Inform reports the experts’ conclusions.

In ISW noted that Putin thanked Russians for their “trust” and also called for unity in the fight against “external threats.” Putin emphasized the importance of a “steady hand” and “unified rule” to overcome external challenges.

Putin also drew parallels with history, mentioning Pugachev’s rebellion against Catherine II. He used this example to highlight the role of authoritarian rule in preventing internal unrest.

Russian ultranationalists have expressed support for Putin, some of whom have called him an “emperor.” This indicates growing authoritarianism in the country, emphasized by both politicians and public figures.

Recall that TCC workers will be punished for violating human rights: statement by the people’s deputy.

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