• 15/06/2024 21:56

The Russian Federation prepared an assassination attempt on Zelensky: it is known whether they managed to protect the President of Ukraine

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The new aggressive plans of Russian President Vladimir Putin provoked an immediate reaction from the United States.

URA reports this -Inform”, referring to a briefing by the American government.

U.S. diplomatic representative Matthew Miller at a briefing commented on recent reports by Ukrainian intelligence services about the Russian Federation’s covert preparations for the physical elimination of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and other high-ranking Ukrainian officials.

Miller condemned the Kremlin's actions, calling them immoral. He emphasized that such assassination attempts indicate the unworthy behavior of the Russian regime.

“The American government is closely monitoring this situation and maintains close relations with Ukraine in this matter,” — added Miller.

He did not specify whether the United States would put additional pressure on the Russian Federation because of this incident.

It is worth noting, according to information from the Ukrainian special services, this is not the first attempt to eliminate Zelensky.

Recall that Russia has changed noticeably: ISW revealed the important consequences of the inauguration.

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