• 12/07/2024 17:07

Shells for Ukraine: Estonian minister reported disappointing news

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Some countries have already contributed funds for the purchase of artillery ammunition for Ukraine at the initiative of the Czech Republic.

However, the minister Estonian Defense Hanno Pevkur said that there is still not enough money. The head of the Estonian defense department noted that there are places where you can buy shells, but the question is money.

«If we are talking about a million shells, this is approximately three billion euros. There are different calibers, the smaller ones are a little cheaper. It would be great if everything could be done. Now we can say that there is more money missing than shells», — Pevkur explained.

According to him, they are trying to find the missing amount, first of all, in the countries of Northern and Central Europe. France, which has announced its readiness to make a larger contribution, is still worth discussing separately.

«Much depends on the fact that we need to physically check some shells of these possible partners. We were told that we could get [shells] there, but in what condition are they, are they even suitable for use — all this needs to be checked», — said the Estonian minister.

We recall that it was previously reported that NATO assessed the threat of a Russian attack on the Alliance: statement by Rob Bauer.

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