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Special banknotes appeared in Ukraine: what they look like (photo)

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This information was reported by the «Ministry of Culture and Information Policy», reports “URA -Inform”.  

On Saturday, January 13, National Reserve «Sofia of Kiev» began selling new collectible banknotes «zero euro» depicting an outstanding architectural monument of the 11th century — Golden Gate. The idea of ​​issuing a banknote «zero euro» supported by the National Bank of France with the consent of the European Central Bank.

The main philosophy of the project:

— tourism support

— popularization of the most important cultural and historical monuments

— as well as promoting the preservation and material support of the European cultural heritage.

It is noted that the banknotes have the appearance of a real euro and are made using the same technology that is used in real euro banknotes (contains a watermark, microprinting, counterprint, hologram, elements protection from ultraviolet radiation, has a touch zone for people with visual impairments and other elements of paper euros).

The cost of the souvenir banknote is still unknown.

Recall that it was previously reported that pensions will increase in Ukraine: Shmygal explained what changes the government has planned.

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