• 13/06/2024 14:14

Has the war entered a protracted phase: Zhdanov gave an honest answer

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This information was reported by Dialog, URA-Inform reports.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov explained whether the war in Ukraine has entered an endless phase due to the delay in Western assistance. According to him, a protracted war in Ukraine is not beneficial for anyone, including Western countries:

«No one is going to fight for 5-8 years, believe me. This is the biggest punishment you can think of, this is the worst dream of Western partners. This is one, but the second is that Russia will not withstand such a war. Here's the interesting part. Today no one is ready to endure the burden of war for many years, and we will not be able to endure such a war even with our human resources. If 50 countries chip in and give us tanks, artillery, aircraft, missiles, then we won’t last long as far as people are concerned: we could have big problems with those liable for military service.”

At the same time Zhdanov focused on the fact that the West is interested in ending the war in Ukraine with our victory:

«Please note that Europe is « ahead of the rest, figuratively speaking. American aid is up in the air, so what does Olaf Scholz say? He says that it is necessary to arm Ukraine with so many weapons that Ukraine will win. What does Rishi Sunak say? He says that Ukraine must win this war and Britain will do everything to ensure that Ukraine wins.

We recall that it was previously reported that “we will fight with shovels”: Kuleba on the consequences of reducing military assistance Ukraine.

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