• 24/04/2024 20:55

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are again preparing for the threat of a border breakthrough: what they want to stage in the Sumy region on February 26

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Additional special regime restrictions are introduced in the Sumy region within a five-kilometer zone from the state border, starting on the 26th today's month.

This information was reported by the Sumy OVA in its Telegram, reports URA-Inform.

According to the decree, a number of those things are prohibited in this zone that were previously could be relevant:

  • free access, stay, residence, movement and work of persons not related to the construction, arrangement and maintenance of engineering and fortification structures, fences, border markers, border passes , communications, emergency and rescue work, provision of emergency medical care, combating crime, preventing it, identifying and investigating it;
  • performing work not related to the preparation and conduct of operations (combat operations) and the protection of the state border.< /li>

Border guards report ongoing attempts by Russian occupiers to penetrate the territories of the Chernigov and Sumy regions.

Border guards note that enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups are seeking to identify the location of military installations and carry out mining .

Let us remind you how long the war may drag on: General Romanenko gave a disappointing forecast.

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