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The Armed Forces of Ukraine started talking about negotiations with the Russian Federation: it is known when dialogue about peace will be possible

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Many Ukrainians consider negotiations with Russia unacceptable. This topic was commented on by the Chairman of the Council of Reservists of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ivan Timochko. He emphasized that negotiations can bring real benefits, but there is a condition.

URA-Inform reports this, citing Channel 24.

Tymochko said that the victories of the Ukrainian Armed Forces create conditions for truly meaningful negotiations with Russia. He noted that international associations are now being formed that will help Ukraine in the political arena. This is especially important given the fact that, by law, Ukraine does not have the right to conduct direct negotiations with the Russian Federation.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine will liberate territories and persuade the occupiers to dialogue on Ukraine’s terms. We are not ashamed of the fact that Ukraine needs the help of its allies to win. The most important thing is that we will force the Russian Federation to make concessions and regret the invasion,” — Tymochko noted.

He emphasized that negotiations are one of the components of shaping the victory of Ukraine. Thus, negotiations will become possible when the Armed Forces of Ukraine weaken the Russian Federation sufficiently, and Ukraine’s allies prepare the appropriate political platform.

Recall that Ukraine risks being left without Western help – Hodges said that it is time for Ukrainians to take a bold step.

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