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US troops will enter Ukraine only under one condition – Jeffries warned of a dire scenario

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The leader of the Democrats in the US House of Representatives, Hakeem Jeffries, said that his country could indeed send troops to Ukraine, but only in a tragic development of events.

Details about Jeffries' statement are reported by URA-Inform, citing CBS News.

The US representative emphasized that so far the United States is in no hurry to send its military to Ukraine . This can only change if Ukraine loses the war against Russia.

“Ukraine cannot be allowed to fall completely. I have every reason to believe that if Ukraine is defeated, the United States will send not only weapons, but also its military personnel to help. This way chaos can be avoided,” — Jeffries noted.

He added that the Russian Federation is seeking to “reunite” the territories of the former Soviet Union, so the Kremlin’s ambitions do not end with Ukraine. The United States is monitoring the situation and can use its forces at a critical moment. However, most likely, the United States and the Russian Federation will not engage in direct clashes, but will only hold positions for negotiations.

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