• 22/07/2024 04:46

The Armed Forces of Ukraine will face “difficult decisions”: the Pentagon made an alarming statement

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Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh warned that due to the lack of agreement in Congress on new US military assistance, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are waiting «difficult decisions» about leaving a number of territories.

Sabrina Singh reported this information, URA-Inform reports.  

A US defense official noted that Ukraine may be forced to make strategic decisions to withdraw troops from certain areas in order to strengthen its defensive lines.

«These are really tough, tough decisions that they have to make because we can't provide them with the systems they need because we don't have congressional authorization», — noted Sabrina Singh.

It is worth noting that the Lower House of the US Congress decided to develop its own bill to help Ukraine. The document will differ significantly from the document that was approved by American senators a month ago.

 We recall that it was previously reported that the next months for Ukraine will be very difficult: Danilov warned what to expect.

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