• 25/06/2024 12:14

The expert said whether the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to thwart the Russian plan for the Kharkov and Sumy regions

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Defense Express military expert Ivan Kirichevsky expressed his opinion on the current situation at the front in the Kharkov region. He noted that the plan of the Russian occupiers in the main part of the offensive was thwarted.

URA-Inform reports this, citing Defense Express.

The expert emphasized that although Russian troops are slowly are advancing in the Volchansk area, this does not indicate a critical situation for Ukraine.

“It is worth recognizing the partial victory of the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the tactical level, given the heavy losses and slow advance of Russian troops,” — Kirichevsky said.

He also discussed the possible danger to the city of Kharkov, noting that a land threat is not visible at the moment, but the Russians can use a variety of remote weapons.

Regarding the Sumy region, the expert pointed to the potential threat of such an offensive, but noted that Russian troops lack the resources for large-scale operations in this region.

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