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The flag of Ukraine was raised in the center of Donetsk: the source found out who did it and showed a photo

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Donpress reported this information, reports URA-Inform.

The above news was spread by the author of the Telegram channel «Donbass.Important». Confirmation of this event appeared in the form of a corresponding photograph published in the Telegram channel «Mariupol.Sprotiv».

It is noted that the act of installing the Ukrainian flag in the very heart of Donetsk acquires great symbolic significance and becomes bright an expression of local resistance to annexation and occupation.

This action suggests that the idea of ​​Ukrainian independence remains alive and finds support even in areas where other beliefs previously prevailed.

Such events, emphasizing the desire of some of the population of Donetsk to maintain ties with Ukraine, can become a source of new disagreements and discussions in the region, as well as push for a rethinking of the political situation in Donetsk and other occupied regions.

Let us remind you who is spreading rumors about Zaluzhny’s resignation: the media said how Poroshenko is involved here.

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