• 23/04/2024 07:16

The head of the Pentagon gave a new signal to Putin: Austin warned what the United States was going to do

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This information was reported by Dialog.UA, reports URA-Inform.

«The Contact Group remains determined, undaunted and resilient. We will not allow retreat», — the head of the American defense department emphasized.

Austin added that allies and partners will not only supply the weapons and ammunition necessary for the Ukrainian military at the moment, but will also continue to form a coalition of capabilities to ensure the long-term security of Ukraine.

This coalition aims to create the basis for future Ukrainian forces that will deter Russian aggression.

«We will adapt our support in accordance with the needs of Ukraine, both in the short and long term», — said the head of the Pentagon.

He also noted that the outcome of Ukraine’s fight against Russian aggression is of key importance for global security in the future.

Recall that China gave a warning to the United States on Ukraine: the PRC representative said what the United States should give up.

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