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The main signs of arterial and venous thrombosis are named

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This information was reported by Ua-novosti, reports «URA-Inform«.  

There are two types of thrombosis: venous and arterial. In the first case, the formation of blood clots occurs in the veins, in the second — in the arteries. Arterial thrombosis is more dangerous, doctors say.

Arterial thrombosis is characterized by three main signs. Firstly, it is a sharp pain that occurs in one place and spreads in the form of a pulsating flow.

Secondly, there is numbness in the extremities depending on the location of the blood clot: they lose sensitivity and become cold. Thirdly, shortness of breath, heart rhythm disturbances, chest tightness (due to blockage of the pulmonary artery).

With venous thrombosis, the symptoms are somewhat different. The following may appear: increasing pain, swelling at the location of the blood clot, change in skin color, swelling and bulging of veins.

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