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What awaits Ukraine without US help: forecast of New York Times analysts

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This information was reported by The New York Times, reports «URA-Inform« .  

According to the publication, this is the most dangerous moment for the Ukrainian side since the beginning of a full-scale war. NYT indicates that «Ukraine «will not be instantly defeated» without American assistance, but there is a significant risk of a shortage of equipment and ammunition to replenish the army.

Analysts believe that European countries do not have American-level stocks of weapons and ammunition and are unlikely to be able to fill this gap.

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«Ukraine could effectively hold out for some part of this year without an increase in American military aid. But if over time there is no prospect of rebuilding the army, then they will slowly begin to lose. Never since the beginning of the invasion has Ukraine faced such a dangerous moment in the war», — writes the publication.

Analysts conclude that the absence of further American assistance will “point to a harsh, negative trajectory in the second half of this year.” It is noted that the decrease in the level of assistance affects Ukraine on the battlefield, where the Russian Federation uses its advantage in artillery and personnel to break through the defenses of Ukraine.

Recall that it was previously reported how dire the situation in Avdiivka is: city authorities said the truth.

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