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The Ministry of Justice made a decision on the fate of Zelensky after May 21: it is known whether Putin’s plan came true

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Minister of Justice of Ukraine Denis Malyuska, in an interview with the Western press, expressed an opinion about the continued legitimacy of Vladimir Zelensky as president even after May 21 .

URA-Inform reports the conclusions of the Ministry of Justice, citing the BBC.

Malyuska noted that the powers of the president continue until the election of a new one, and although some norms of the Constitution may cause controversy, it is important remember that the authors of the Constitution did not always foresee all possible scenarios for the development of events.

Malyuska assures that all decrees and documents signed by the president after May 21 will have legal force. He also noted that the presidential term rule had never been applied literally before and should be interpreted in light of the context and rules governing the date of elections. An official appeal to the Constitutional Court is now considered unacceptable, since this could create additional doubts and negatively affect the situation in the country.

It is worth noting that Russian President Vladimir Putin made a big bet in the information war on the fact that After May 21, Zelensky allegedly “will cease to be the legitimate president of Ukraine.” It is now obvious that the Kremlin’s plan has failed.

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