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The National Bank made a statement on the exchange of old dollars: which bills will not be accepted

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For a long time, Ukrainians have been faced with the fact that they are required to commission for the exchange of old dollars.

The NBU reported this information, URA-Inform reports.  

In particular, we are talking about banknotes of the 1996 sample and older. Some exchange offices refuse to take this money at all, and some charge a 30% commission.

The National Bank put an end to this issue and called on citizens to report these cases, because the banknotes are valid and do not require additional penalties. Worn or damaged banknotes will be sent abroad for exchange. The authenticity of banknotes will be checked using counters and currency detectors.

Worn banknotes include:

— torn/cut; burnt/rotten/rotten;

— have damaged design/security elements or printing flaws;

— have changes to the original color of the paper or images;

— have general stains or occupy half the banknote (in particular, visible in ultraviolet rays).

However, there are also banknotes that will definitely never be accepted. We are talking about counterfeit banknotes. Such money will be immediately withdrawn from the client and transferred to the NBU for research.  

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