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The Poles are blocking Ukrainian trucks again: the State Border Guard Service riverman said what the situation is

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The movement of trucks from Ukraine to Poland is under threat, according to the official representative of the State Border Service of Ukraine, Andrey Demchenko.

This information was reported by the Ukrainian news telegram service, URA-Inform reports.

He noted that the Poles decided to completely block the movement of trucks at two checkpoints. Protesters on the ground do not even allow trucks to pass towards Poland through the «Yagodin» checkpoints. and «Rava-Russkaya».

This situation caused the formation of long queues in which about five hundred trucks were stuck. All this is happening at a time when Ukraine is forced to repel armed aggression from the Russian Federation.

It is unknown when the situation will stabilize. However, the authorities of Ukraine and Poland are doing everything possible to satisfy the protesters’ request and allow Ukrainian products to continue to be distributed not only in nearby countries, but also in distant countries of the European Union.

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