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The ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be joined by 100,000 new soldiers: the media found out who will soon be sent to the front

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Ukraine can expect an influx of about 100,000 young military personnel into its ranks after changes in legislation allowing mobilization from the age of 25. President Vladimir Zelensky signed the corresponding bill, which provides the opportunity to attract new forces for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

URA-Inform reports this, citing Ukrayinska Pravda.

Insiders claim that the president was repeatedly reminded of the importance of signing this document. However, Zelensky has faced hesitation due to concerns about the popularity of such policies and the financial cost of mobilizing new troops.

Although last winter the president discussed the possibility of mobilizing up to 500,000 people, including men aged 25 and over , financing such a project from the state budget seems to be a difficult task, estimated at 500 billion hryvnia.

Specialists from the Institute of Demography and Quality of Life Problems of the National Academy of Sciences note that in Ukraine there is a significant number of people who have now reached the age of 25-26 years. However, not all of them will be able to be mobilized into the army, taking into account various factors such as health and location.

However, representatives of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are confident that mobilization from the age of 25 can attract about 100,000 young soldiers, which will significantly strengthen the country’s defense capability.

Recall that the Russian army will be in a hurry – Western analysts told what date Putin is afraid of.

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