• 15/07/2024 11:13

Ukrainian Legion in Poland: Journalists Learn Details of Its Creation

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Poland is working to attract other European countries to support the legion of Ukrainians abroad who will be trained in Poland .

This information was reported by RMF24, reports URA-Inform.  

It is noted that the announced creation of such a military unit has already aroused considerable interest. Polish journalists noted that we are talking about the Ukrainian Legion, the creation of which is provided for by a bilateral agreement on the security of Ukraine with Poland.

According to Polish media workers, this is a unit in which citizens of Ukraine who are in Poland or somewhere else abroad, with the opportunity to further participate under a contract in the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

Sources in the Ukrainian diplomatic missions told reporters that hundreds of Ukrainians in Poland have already begun to inquire about how to join the legion. According to conservative estimates, the project will be able to attract several thousand Ukrainians who currently live in Europe.

Journalists also learned that work continues to attract other European countries to support this project — for example, to finance the costs of equipment and training. The Polish side will try to convince partners that this is another form of investment in European security, so it is worth supporting.

We recall that it was previously reported that a special battalion has appeared in Ukraine: the Ukrainian Armed Forces said who is included there.

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