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The Russian Armed Forces gave a new order for May 9: Syrsky warned what the occupiers were preparing

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As it turned out, the Russian military was ordered to capture Chasov Yar before May 9, and in response, the Ukrainian Armed Forces began to tighten their defenses, said the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Alexander Syrsky.

This information was reported by RBC-Ukraine, reports URA-Inform.

He noted that the enemy is trying to break through the defenses west of the city of Bakhmut with goal to reach the Seversky Donets Canal — Donbass. According to Syrsky, the capture of Chasov Yar will create favorable conditions for the further advance of enemy forces in the direction of the Kramatorsk agglomeration.

According to him, the Ukrainian Armed Forces successfully stopped the enemy, who penetrated into the «Novy» microdistrict. Currently, work is being carried out to strengthen the defense, and the search for ammunition, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and electronic warfare equipment are also actively carried out.

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