• 25/06/2024 10:25

The Russian Federation has a new plan for Kharkov: The Economist told what Putin is up to

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According to The Economist, citing information from sources in the Ukrainian military leadership, Russia is seeking to turn Kharkov into a gray zone, devoid of opportunities for a normal life.

This information was reported by the above-mentioned publication, reports URA-Inform.

It is noted that in addition to attacks on energy infrastructure, the Russian military uses chaotic aerial bombing with guided bombs.

They also resort to the terrible tactic of “double strike”, where after the first strike on the site, first responders, police and medical personnel arrive on the scene with a second strike, creating a feeling of confusion and fear. This causes additional hardship and danger for residents and deprives them of basic protections.

These Russian actions not only damage infrastructure and society, but also create a climate of fear and uncertainty, making Kharkov unsuitable for a comfortable and safe life.

As previously reported, the partisans record the arrival of a large number of Russians in Crimea: the reasons are given.

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