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The Russian Federation has chosen new targets in the Kherson region – Mashovets spoke about important changes in the Krynok region

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URA-Inform reports about the situation in the Kherson region, citing the social networks of military expert Konstantin Mashovets.< /p>

“Over the past two days, the 337th Airborne Regiment made three attempts to dislodge the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) in the Krynok area,” — as Mashovets noted in his post on the social network.

Troops of the 144th motorized brigade and the 17th tank regiment were also sent to support the enemy. According to Mashovets, this time the enemy acted “comprehensively,” using artillery to cover the infantry and actively conducting electronic and aerial reconnaissance. This, according to the analyst, indicates that the Dnepr command responded to complaints from its troops regarding the lack of communication between different types of troops on this section of the front.

Experts believe that these events can be considered as “reconnaissance “in battle” with the goal of completely displacing the Ukrainian Armed Forces from the left bank in the future. The Armed Forces of Ukraine need to be vigilant, since larger-scale enemy offensives can be expected in this area in the near future.

“Perhaps the main task of the Russian Armed Forces (RF Armed Forces) at the moment is to prevent the advance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the direction of the T-road 22-06, Oleshkovskie Peski and Cossack Camps.

It is also possible that the enemy is preparing forces to one-time eliminate the bridgehead near the village of Krynka. In addition, the enemy is actively attacking the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the right bank of the Kherson region,” — Mashovets explained.

Analysts warn that the accumulation of enemy military equipment in the Krynok region could lead to significant losses due to strikes by Ukrainian drones.

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