• 15/07/2024 11:35

The Russian Federation is bringing the Russian National Guard to the occupied territories: what is the reason

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Representatives of the occupation authorities are bringing security forces of the Russian Guard to the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

This information was reported in Center for National Resistance, URA-Inform reports. 

The Center for National Resistance (CNS) reported that security forces are being brought in to fight the Ukrainian underground. It is noted that the official reason for the increase in the number of policemen in the occupied territories, Russians call the high level of “extremism.”

However, the Central Tax Service notes that in totalitarian Russia, extremism is everything that does not agree with the will of the Kremlin , «and in the case of HERE — love for one's homeland makes everyone an extremist».

« The import of policemen should, according to the invaders' plan, relieve the army, which is now participating in raids against the local population. This will also correspondingly increase the number of raids themselves in search of members of the underground», — noted by the Center for National Resistance.

We recall that it was previously reported whether the Russian Federation is capable of launching a large-scale offensive in Ukraine: an explanation from a NATO official.

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