• 26/05/2024 11:21

The Russian Federation is conducting a new information operation to “glorify draft dodgers”: details from the GUR

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The Main Intelligence Directorate stated that the Kremlin propaganda is carrying out another information operation against our country, and for their own purposes the Russians are using videos with supposedly “deviators.”

The GUR reported this information, reports “ URA-Inform”.

According to the press service of the law enforcement agency, recently videos have appeared on TikTok and other social networks in which supposedly Ukrainian men film themselves abroad on vacation and call themselves “draft dodgers.” For such content, songs were created, the lyrics of which always convey the main message — praising men who avoid military service.

«Such content quickly gains views and comments from the audience— approving and critical, but discussions under these videos only propel them into trends. We urge everyone to be critical of information that comes from anonymous sources and to always remember that we owe the opportunity to live and, in particular, consume a variety of content on social networks, only to the defenders of Ukraine», — noted in the Main Intelligence Directorate.

The department notes that the synchronous appearance of numerous songs and videos that «glorify» men who refuse to stand up for their own country, and the promotion of this content by organized groups of bots indicates a targeted hostile propaganda campaign.

«Specified IPSO — a classic technology for splitting society, when on one side there are “defenders” and there are “deviators.” The purpose of such enemy actions — disrupt mobilization, increase tension in society due to internal confrontation», — scouts add.

We recall that it was previously reported that a new fake about Ukraine was launched in the Russian Federation: the SBU warned that one should not believe it.

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