• 16/04/2024 12:30

The Russian Federation may attack another state: Tusk warned when this could happen

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This information was reported by the Polish publication Rzeczpospolita, reports URA-Inform.

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«There is no doubt that, from a strategic point of view, Europe is the object of Russian aggression, and this will happen when Russia's superiority in military capabilities becomes obvious», — Tusk emphasized.

He noted that the Russian economy has reoriented towards military needs, while “Europe lags behind in this aspect,” despite the general desire to militarily, Europe was more powerful than Russia.

«We strive to use all available diplomatic measures and persuasion to convince the entire European Union community that that without a decisive increase in military efforts we will be left significantly behind,” Tusk said.

He expressed the need to take measures to strengthen the military defense of Europe and emphasized the importance of the united efforts of all EU countries in this direction.

Let us remind you what will happen if Ukraine does not mobilize the required number of people: Zaluzhny warned the population.

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