• 18/04/2024 03:38

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have a problem near Avdeevka: a military man told what is already missing

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This information was reported by El Pais, which interviewed the above-mentioned military man, reports URA-Inform “.

«The 47th Brigade, like many others, is in a mode of strict ammunition conservation. Their arsenals are exhausted. They fight using what they have, which is not always optimal for achieving the goal», — noted in the article.

Western weapons transferred to the Ukrainian Armed Forces are «overloaded» on various sectors of the front, including near Avdievka.

«Russia may not have the best weapons, but they have more resources. Their strategy is to make the most of everything», — emphasizes one of the fighters of the 47th brigade, Evgeniy.

El Pais notes that Russia managed to increase weapons production even under the conditions of sanctions:

«Rockets are produced at bakeries, and ammunition is collected at tractor factories», — summarized at the end of the article.

Recall that the Pentagon can allocate $4.2 billion to Ukraine: but there is a nuance.

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