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The Russian Federation threatens Ukraine for a new reason: the SBU named the name of a politician who angered Putin

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The Russian Federation is threatening Ukraine for a new reason. As it turns out, the Kremlin’s anger is primarily directed at one specific politician this time. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially accused the head of the SBU Vasily Malyuk of involvement in the terrorist attack in Crocus near Moscow and demanded that Kiev detain him.

As URA-Inform reports, this information was disseminated by the press service of the Russian department .

According to the Russian department, traces of the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall lead to Ukrainian government structures:

“The investigative measures carried out by Russian law enforcement agencies indicate the participation of Ukrainian structures in these crimes.”

The statement also mentions other events related to the murder of Daria Dugina, as well as attacks on propagandists Vladlen Tatarsky and Zakhar Prilepin, as well as raids of the Russian Volunteer Corps.

In response to the fact that the Russian Federation is threatening Ukraine on a new occasion, the SBU stated the following:

“Trying to call for compliance with international law, in particular the Convention on the Suppression of Terrorism, the Russian Foreign Ministry ignores the fact that it is Putin who has been put on the international wanted list — including for the abduction of Ukrainian children. Statements about terrorism from the aggressor country itself sound especially cynical against the backdrop of the anniversary of the liberation of Bucha and the atrocities committed by the Russian military. We remember every victim and will do everything to ensure that the perpetrators receive the punishment they deserve. Therefore, the statements of the Russian Foreign Ministry are irrelevant. Russia must admit its defeat in the war and withdraw the occupying forces from Ukrainian territory.”

It is worth noting that the Russian Federation was unable to provide clear evidence of the involvement of any Ukrainian special services in the mentioned incidents. At the same time, Kremlin representatives say that the clarification of relations with Ukraine on this issue may continue when the Russian Federation is completely finished with the investigations.

Notably, the Russian authorities did not clarify how exactly they will act against the background of the fact that Ukraine is not going to comply with their demands

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