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The Russian Federation warned Germany and the United States about missiles in Ukraine: will they go against Putin?

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Russia warned Scholz and Biden and Germany about providing Ukraine with long-range missiles.

This information was reported by Glavred , reports URA-Inform.

According to the analysis of military strategist Nikolai Malomuzh, the United States is actively seeking opportunities to provide military support to Ukraine, including the provision of F-16 fighter jets and ATACMS missile artillery systems.

However, such actions require special caution so as not to cause unnecessary tension with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Russia has expressed serious concerns about the possible provision of such weapons to Ukraine, threatening a possible nuclear response, affecting not only Kyiv, but also Western capitals , including Washington, Berlin and London. A particularly pointed warning was addressed to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, indicating a high degree of tension in relations.

The expert notes that the German Chancellor is more sensitive to threats from Russia than American President Joe Biden. At the same time, Malomuzh points out that the American leader has already repeatedly stepped over the so-called «red lines» The Kremlin, including the supply of HIMARS systems, Patriot air defense and other weapons to Ukraine.

«And yet Biden is acting extremely carefully to prevent a global conflict& #187;,- noted Malomuzh.

However, the expert adds, the West still sees that the Russian Federation does not intend to stop its aggression against Ukraine and may even lead to confrontation with NATO countries. That is why the Pentagon was able to find money to provide the Defense Forces with HIMARS missiles, as well as some ATACMS missiles. At the same time, he noted that long-range missiles will help the Defense Forces create a so-called strike fist, which will help destroy the enemy in temporarily occupied territories.

The expert believes that the United States has already made a fundamental decision to transfer these missiles to Ukraine. If Congress decides to provide aid to Kyiv, ATACMS will arrive in greater numbers, likely in late spring or early summer. Malomuzh emphasized that missiles can be delivered to Ukraine very quickly.

Recall that it was previously reported that assistance to Ukraine from the United States : Speaker Johnson announced innovations in the bill.

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