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The State Duma of the Russian Federation made a scandalous promise to the West: it became known who the authorities want to eliminate

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Peter Tolstoy, Deputy Head of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, made a scandalous statement, claiming that Russia is allegedly ready to destroy all French military who may arrive on the territory of Ukraine.

Donpress reported this information, reports URA-Inform.

In his interview, he emphasized that such a radical step has potential consequences , including the possibility of initiating World War III.

«Russia will take action against any French soldiers who try to enter Ukrainian territory. We will not differentiate between them. This could cause catastrophic consequences for international security», — Tolstoy said.

He also expressed serious concern about the French military's plans for Odessa, warning that such actions could become a catalyst for a global conflict.

«The French, who are planning a military presence in Odessa, are playing with fire. Their actions could lead to irreversible consequences, including involving the world in another large-scale military conflict», — he added.

Let us recall why Zaluzhny has not yet been appointed ambassador to Britain: the real reason has been revealed.

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