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The threat of an attack on Kyiv will become obvious – Kovalenko warned of specific signs

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Military-political expert from the Information Resistance group Alexander Kovalenko claims that at the moment there is no reason to talk about the possibility of an attack from Russian troops to Kyiv. He emphasizes that such an attack requires forces and resources that the Russians do not yet have.

URA-Inform reports Kovalenko’s forecast, citing FREEDOM.

In an interview, Kovalenko explained , under what circumstances is an offensive in the direction of the capital of Ukraine possible:

“At the moment, Russia simply does not have the necessary resources to carry out such an operation. To form a strike force capable of attacking Kiev, at least one hundred thousand troops are required, and a massive concentration of such a number of troops will not go unnoticed.”

Kovalenko also named the conditions under which Russian forces could try to attack Kyiv again. He pointed out that any concentration of more than 20 thousand military personnel near the border with Ukraine is a serious threat, and an increase in this number to 100 thousand is a signal for more serious measures. However, for a real threat to Kyiv, including a possible offensive and encirclement of the city, the strength of the attacking group must exceed 700 thousand people.

Recall that the United States is ready to give Ukraine new assistance: Johnson named the terms and special conditions.

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