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The US began to look for a “Plan B” for Ukraine: Johnson explained what the situation is

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This information was reported by The Hill, reports URA-Inform.

< p>Johnson's stance on criticizing aid to Ukraine sets him apart from former US President Donald Trump and many conservatives in the Republican Party. However, most lawmakers warn of a possible threat to European democracy and US national security if Russia wins.

Representatives of both parties are actively seeking alternative approaches to quickly agree on additional aid to Ukraine. They are aiming for President Joe Biden to sign the bill into law as early as March, despite Johnson's possible opposition.

Senior Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee Gregory Meeks stressed that one of the most promising options is a petition to make a decision without the participation of the speaker. This mechanism allows 218 legislators to pass bills, ignoring the views of the leadership.

However, such petitions are rarely successful, as they require significant effort on the part of members of the majority party. The last time such a petition was considered was in 2015.

Meeks emphasized that he is already negotiating with Republicans to sign the petition. In his opinion, this is the most viable path to provide assistance to Ukraine in light of Johnson's position.

«This is a way to do something bipartisan for national security our country and the support of our allies. This is urgent. Ukraine needs what they need immediately», — the congressman emphasized.

Recall that NATO warned Putin about a possible escalation: Stoltenberg sent a clear signal to the dictator.

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