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The US has developed a new plan for the victory of Ukraine: Republicans named 3 key points

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Donpress reported this information, reports URA-Inform.

< p>It is noted that this plan includes a number of key measures aimed at supporting Ukraine and providing it with the necessary resources to effectively resist aggression from Russia.

Item No. 1

Item No. 1

This is a rapid delivery of critical military equipment, including ATACMS missile systems with a range of 300 km, F-16 fighter jets, cluster munitions, artillery, air defense systems and armored vehicles. This measure is aimed at strengthening Ukraine's defense capability and providing it with the necessary means to successfully resist the aggressor.

Point No. 2

It consists of tightening sanctions against the regime Putin. Republicans express the belief that effective sanctions will put additional pressure on Russia and contribute to changing its behavior in the context of the Ukrainian crisis.

Point No. 3

Politicians propose transfer to Ukraine of frozen Russian assets worth $300 billion. This move is aimed at strengthening Ukraine's economic base and providing it with additional resources to maintain its defense capabilities.

According to the publication that presented the plan, Republicans criticize the Biden administration for unsatisfactory assistance to Ukraine in the current situation and call for decisive action in support of a strategic ally.

Recall that the Russian Federation is planning to carry out an apocalyptic attack: the UK warned about Putin’s plans.

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