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The weather in Kyiv will change dramatically: weather forecasters named the date and told what to expect for Easter

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Today, residents of the capital of Ukraine will experience the last clear day. Very soon the sun will be replaced by fresher weather. Easter, which will be celebrated on the fifth of May, will also be cool.

URA-Inform reports this, citing the forecast of forecaster Natalya Didenko.

Today, on the second of May, the temperature in Kyiv during the day is It will be between 22-23 degrees Celsius. At night it will drop to +12…+14 degrees. The north wind will bring freshness. The wind speed will be 5-10 meters per second, and the atmospheric pressure will drop below normal to 747-751 mm Hg.

Tomorrow, the third of May, the daytime temperature will drop to 19-20 degrees Celsius, and at night it may go down to +11. However, cloudiness is not expected.

No precipitation is expected in Kyiv on the day of May 5, but rain and thunderstorms should begin at night. Daytime temperatures will be between +21…+23 degrees, and at night it can drop to +10. After Easter, the next two days will be rainy.

We would like to remind you that the new Ukrainian film “We Were Recruits” (trailer) was shown for the first time in Kyiv.

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