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17 of us against 50-100 Russians – Sazonov spoke about problems at the front and possible solutions

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According to political scientist and soldier Kirill Sazonov, the Ukrainian army has an acute shortage of fighters on the front line, especially in the face of increased shooting clashes .

URA-Inform reports this, citing the YouTube channel “News Factory”.

“Earlier, last summer, the enemy often could not even get close to the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, since his attacks were quickly and accurately repulsed by artillery and mortars. However, the situation has changed, and now, with our shortage of mines and shells, the occupiers sometimes manage to exert direct fire, which creates serious challenges for the Ukrainian defenders,” — Sazonov said.

He emphasized that the arrival of American weapons is very important to alleviate the situation on the front line. However, according to him, while deliveries are ongoing, the shortage of fighters remains a serious problem.

He noted that sometimes Ukrainian fighters refuse to attack certain positions due to extreme conditions.

“For example, if 17 Ukrainian fighters are forced to go where there are 50-100 Russian soldiers, then the situation for the Ukrainian Armed Forces becomes hellishly difficult. However, if more soldiers go to the rescue, the situation will change, and hell will begin for the Russian soldiers,” — Sazonov noted.

He emphasized that although the number of Russian forces may be greater, the Ukrainians do not lose spirit and are accustomed to these challenges.

Remember, the protesters in Georgia have gone to storm parliament: a suspicious detail of the skirmishes is known.

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