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There will be unusual weather in Ukraine from December 26 to 29: weather forecasters announced a surprise

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The Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center reported this information on its YouTube, reports URA-Inform.

In the middle of the week, an increase in air temperature is predicted in combination with a change in atmospheric pressure, while precipitation will stop. On Tuesday, December 26, light rain is expected in Central and Eastern Ukraine.

Forecasters predict more significant rainfall in the north and northeast of the country. On the same day, there was no precipitation in the rest of the territory. The weather pattern on December 27 will approximately repeat the 26th of the current month. Rainfall is expected only in the northern and northeastern parts of Ukraine, but its intensity will decrease.

Until Wednesday, most of the country will be under the influence of high pressure, which suggests cloudy weather with clearings and no precipitation.< /p>

Forecasters warn of possible strong winds with gusts of up to 15-20 m/s at the beginning of the week, but in the second half of the week the wind will subside. On the night of December 26 to 27, temperatures throughout Ukraine will fluctuate from +1 to +6 degrees, and during the day from +5 to +9 degrees Celsius. The warmest places will be the south of Ukraine and the Carpathian region, where thermometers on December 26 and 27 can reach +15 degrees.

By the middle of the week, December 28, a sharp cooling is expected, with night temperatures from -3 to +2 degrees and daytime from 0 to +7 degrees Celsius.

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